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Fine of Claire

Here is the product that is the favorite of the amateurs. Fine, not very fleshy, delicate, the Fines de Claires are a delight.

Claire’s Fine takes several weeks to refine in its shallow clay basins. Nourished by the sun and the movements of the sea, its shell becomes stronger and acquires a superior quality.

Refining is an important step in the conditioning process of this oyster. This is how Claire’s Fine finds its subtle and balanced flavors.


Fine of Claire Verte

First product of the sea

labelled in 1989

An oyster of superior quality! This is how we could define this jewel of flavors.

La Fine de Claire Verte is Label Rouge certified. This official label obtained by the French Ministry of Agriculture rewards an oyster whose production and maturing process is strict. This standard, which is subject to rigorous controls, is a real guarantee of quality and flavour.

The Fine de Claire Verte is a treat for lovers of oysters with little meatiness. During a few weeks, this oyster develops in shallow clay basins, bathed in sunlight and rocked by the tides, it acquires a green hue characteristic of the gills and of the breeding in Claire. This color is a precise mark of an oyster which fed on the blue navicle (micro alga), the oyster retains the pigment: The marennine.


Claire’s special

The Spéciale Claire is a perfectly balanced oyster, meticulously selected for its regular shape, its thickness and its roundness.

Its flesh is thicker, its consistency is more tenacious and it gives a remarkable volume in the mouth with a hint of saltiness and sweet flavors.

This oyster is refined for several weeks in the Claires. It is there that it will take this regular aspect and its thick flesh. It is the preferred choice of the lover of fleshy and delicious oysters.

Growing in Claire

The Pousse en Claire Label Rouge is an exceptional oyster reserved for a clientele of initiates and gourmets.

It is a high-end oyster that is produced only by a few professionals, including Chiron Montico.

It is raised at very low density, we speak here about making grow only 5 at most by M2 in the Claires where it grows there during 4 to 8 months.

It is adorned with an elegant lace shell that asserts its origin. Its high flesh content and firmness give an incredible length in the mouth.

It is, without any doubt, the most typical oyster of the Marennes d’Oléron range.



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