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How to recognize a quality oyster ?

Our oysters are exclusively Marennes d’Oléron. A PGI and 2 Label Rouge guaranteeing the traceability of the product and the conditions in which the shellfish was raised and harvested. In 1989, the first red label was obtained, then in 1999, the second for the Pousse en Claire, a unique product in the CHIRON MONTICO Marennes Oléron range.

How to control these labels?

Whether we are talking about the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) or the Label Rouge, they are regularly controlled by independent European laboratories. The organoleptic quality of Label Rouge oysters is evaluated by an independent sensory analysis laboratory. From the monitoring of the production to the maturing to the taste and composition, the regular controls give the product a flawless origin and quality.

Are these labels recognized?

Yes, these labels are serious and rigorously controlled certifications. La Fine de Claire and Pousse en Claire are labeled to reassure the consumer of the optimal quality of the product.

How to choose the size of your oysters ?

There are 5 sizes of classification of our oysters : From 1 to 5

  1. from 111 g to 150 g
  2. from 86 g to 110 g
  3. from 66 g to 85 g
  4. from 46 g to 65 g
  5. from 30 g to 45 g

What is the maturing process in Claires?

The refining in Claire concerns the breeding of oysters in the old salt marshes. These marshes are made of clay, fill up at high tide and keep some water when the sea retreats.

These natural basins are naturally bathed in sunlight which is beneficial to the development of phytoplankton on which the oysters feed.

After two years spent in these basins, the oysters are harvested and placed in Claire.

This is what gives them their special taste.

In which region are these oysters grown?

The Marennes-Oleron basin represents an area of more than 3,000 hectares on the southwestern coast of the Charente-Maritime. It is located between the estuaries of the Charente and the Gironde, with the Seudre as a link, and on part of the island of Oleron.